Business-to-business discounts

For changing needs and growth

  • For larger businesses
  • For start-ups, entrepreneurs, individuals
  • Referral programme
  • Employee savings

We have a firm commitment and passion for supporting the formation of new businesses, together with assisting local enterprises thrive, resulting in a more vibrant and successful business community. If you are in the process of going self-employed or run a more established business, you will be able to take advantage of the discounts listed below.

One company - Multiple businesses


This type of programme is ideal for larger businesses, who need multiple offices or workplaces for different parts of the business, but want them to remain in a similar area.

With all the features, you could save yourself some money on every additional office you take out with us and it is perfect for fast-growing businesses.

So if you are looking for more than one office space at the same place, why not to come to us. The more offices you take , the greater discount you get!

Reduce Overhead Costs and Create your ideal workplace

Securing a premises for your start up business can mean the difference between it launching or never opening. No-one can predict exactly how your business will grow nor how the economy will fare, especially in these difficult times. The golden rule is: don’t overstretch yourself on your first property.

We value our own startup roots and we would like to support fellow young businesses. Everyone starting out a new business is entitled to a reduced rent period on the most flexible terms whilst get up and running in their new business.

It is a low-cost and a low-risk option ideal for entrepreneurs and small companies that enables them to concentrate on what works for their business and keep a close eye on costs!

It’s just one more way we help our customers thrive.


Referral Platform


For every successful referral we will reward you with 10% commission on sale with no cap on how much you can earn. The number of referrals you can make is unlimited, so refer your friends today and start enjoying the benefits of Northampton Business Centre. It is a quick and easy way to make some cash when you need to and be awarded up to £60 in cash per referral.

up to £60 in cash per referral with NO CAP ON HOW MUCH YOU CAN EARN

If you have a friend, who would be interested in our services, why not be rewarded for recommending Northampton Business Centre?

How it works
  • Give us some details by completing the form below
  • Tell You friends about Northampton Business Centre with our easy link
  • Wait for Your friend to sign the agreement with us
  • Enjoy your rewards